Dominic Dale Maximus Ultimate  

Made for Dominic Dale approximately 4 years ago.

The cue is made up of 4 Splices of AAA Grade Red Amboyna, sometimes known as Black-Eyed Amboyna. The secondry 4 splices are Bird’s Eye Maple over Jet Black AAA Grade Ebony, similiar in style to the Connoisseur Cue, The Maple shaft is sturdy straight and the finish on the cue is Ultimate high gloss sheen and feels silky smooth.

This cue has been made to the highest standards and plays beautifully.

Cue Specs:

Length: 57 1/4 Inches

Weight: 18 1/2 oz

Tip: 9.3 mm  Elkmaster Pro

Balance 18 1/2 Inches, on the tip of the splices

Butt 31mm